Green witch meal time



A little snack dipped in red sauce,

A rare delicacy along with some thyme.

She picking up the fingers one by one,

Here comes ” Green witch’s meal time”.


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Random Urdu Poem 50: Sum total of Love?


चश्मे तर और शिकस्ता दिल मेरा
ये मेरी मोहब्बत का हिसाब है
इतना नीचे गिरा हूँ इश्क़ में मैं
ये मेरी मोहब्बत का फ़राज़ है

The crying eyes and the broken heart                                  This is the sum total of my love

I have stooped so low in my love for you                                This is the height of my love.


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Random Urdu Poem 48: What is happening?


ज़िन्दगी से बेफिक्र हैं, बेज़ार भी हैं ।
कुछ टूटे हैं हौसले, कुछ बरक़रार भी हैं ।।
आंखें तकती हैं, झपकती है, समझती हैं, मचलती भी है।
थमे तो हैं कदम, मगर ये चलने हार भी हैं।।

I don’t give a damn what life brings and yet I am tormented by it.

My courage is gone and yet sometimes I feel motivated to live.

These eyes, they stare, they blink, they understand and they they let go.

My legs are tired and yet they are always ready to go.


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Identity revisited



In shadows and in sparkles,

In dreams and in so called real world,

Does it ever cross your mind,

How your intimate inner space is curled.


Where lies the truth you have been seeking,

Where does the lies in corner of your heart breathe?

How far does your inner demons can reach,

How often does the dead divine emotions seethe.


In person you are just flash and bones,

In perspective a wandering soul,

In retrospect, A sin of the first humans,

In concept a spirit riding a skeleton ghoul.


Your wear a face, A mask unknown,

     A bane or boon residing in you

A God,

A Sage,

A King,

A Man,

Tell me who you’re,

When no one is watching you ?


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