Humor 111


I see the birds tweet. I wonder, what their agenda is?


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Humor 109


          If you point one finger at others, three fingers point back at you. If you show a fist to someone, four fingers point back a you. That’s why I like to slap people, all four fingers are pointing at them and the thumb participating actively.                                                                 Now, my friend! You have been enlightened, use it to your own good.


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RE-POST: Humor: Kajsa and the two faced cat


Kiko the cat smiled at Kajsa. With a twinkle in her eyes she pointed at a guy and teased Kajsa.

“I think that guy is cute. Don’t you think so.”

They both were just standing in their lawn. The days were colder now. Kajsa did not like cold weather neither did Kiko. So they stood there after midday under the sun waiting for it to warm them up.

“Yes I think he is.” Kajsa replied.

“Yeh. But they all look cute don’t they, not the cat like cute though. Have you forgotten about Rasmus? Wasn’t he cute too?” Kiko reminded.

“Yes he was.” Kajsa exhaled.

“But see what he did. He made you cry, he made my sweet lady human cry.” Kiko reminded.

“Yes he did. They are all cute until they show their true colors.” Kajsa now more firm in her opinion.

“Yes you are right. But I think you can’t judge whole of their community just by one sample.” Kiko threw a new opinion.

“You may be right. Rasmus may have been bad but It’s wrong to call all guys bad. May be he is a nice guy.” Kajsa seconded her opinion.

“Phew.” The cat snarled. “Did you not notice? He gave us a glance. What a pervert.”

“But we looked at him too.” defended Kajsa.

“Don’t be stupid Kajsa, we are ladies. We can’t be perverts.” Kiko announced. “Also We just looked at him but he stared. Don’t you see the difference”

“Now I do.” Replied Kajsa. ” But I think I just fell in love with him.”

“You think Really. Kiko the cat sounded authoritative. “Its hopeless to fall in love, I don’t think that the true love exists.”

” Yes, Yes you are right. My past experience also tells me this. I don’t want to fall in love again” Kajsa nodded.

” But what harm is there in trying. If we don’t try we will never know.” The cat smiled.

” But I had bad experience.” Replied Kajsa.

” May be the problem was with you.” Suggested the cat.

” But I am sweet lady human. I don’t have problems.”

” Everyone has problems. See I am perfect but even I have problems. My heart is too pure.” Kiko said.

” You are not perfect. You have mustaches. ” She corrected her.

” These are not mustaches. These are whiskers little lady and they are for balance. See you don’t have them and you always fall in love, no balance and I don’t fall, and if I do I always get up straight.” The cat explained. ” If it wouldn’t for the winter I could have shown you my perfect somersault.

“What is the problem with winter?” questioned Kajsa.

“It makes my body and bones cold, so I cannot bend completely.” The cat said stretching its limbs. “But back to our conversation, I think everyone should try for the perfect love. What is this world without love and passion and desire?” She looked lost in the thoughts. “It would have been great if you had just talked to him.”

“You see, that guy is gone now.” Kajsa remarked.

“You are late too.” Pointed the cat.

“If we hadn’t started this conversation, that would have been great.” Said Kajsa in anger.

” You know what could have been great. If you hadn’t looked at that guy in the first place.”

“But I didn’t . You drew my attention to him.” Kajsa shouted.

“Now don’t you blame this on me little girl. Try to take responsibility of your own actions. And I find this behavior irritating” Kiko said calmly.

“You know what I find most irritating is, its two faced people, I don’t know which face to slap first.” Kajsa said in irritation.

“Confused and plain stupid you are Kajsa. Why don’t you use both of your hands.” Winked Kiko at Kajsa.

” May be I will just do that now”. Kajsa seem determined.

” That is my girl.” Patted Kiko on the head of Kajsa. ” Now just slap both of your cheeks with your hands, that wouldn’t be the unfair to ask for, at the moment.”

And saying this it then jumped from the fore wall of the lawn smiling, did a perfect somersault then stretched itself and left Kajsa there to fume under the setting Sun.

If only Kajsa could have caught that two faced cat. If only.


Kajsa was sleeping, the sheet drawn over her face. Suddenly she felt someone jumped on her. She woke up startled and saw Kiko lying over her as if nothing happened.

These Cats. She thought to herself.

“Wake up Kiko” She shouted picking up Kiko. “A saw a dream, You were a girl cat. It was horrible”

Kiko woke up with a yawn. “What was horrible? You saw a dream or being a Girl.”

“I saw you in the dream that was horrible” Kajsa replied in anger.

“Are you affirmative?” Kiko said. ” And what were I doing? talking about Rasmus and true love.”

“Yes You were. How do you know?” Said Kajsa.

“Are you sure you saw a dream? Kiko winked at her.

“Do you think, I am mad, I can’t tell a difference between dream and reality?” Kajsa irritated.

“Let me check, I will show you fingers, you tell me how many?” Kiko winked again.


She woke up startled as if someone just jumped over her. She saw Kiko lying over her as if nothing happened.

My god! Two horrible dreams in one night. This is all kiko’s fault. I need to teach Kiko a lesson. 

“You dirty mouthed cat, just wake up.” She shouted at the top of her voice. “I am going to teach you a lesson.” And saying this she threw the sheet and with this down went Kiko and woke up from deep sleep. Kiko saw Kajsa with a stick in her hand and running towards.

“I did nothing, I did nothing.” shouted Kiko running out of the room at great pace.


The story and the title of the story is inspired from the beautiful illustration created by our friend, fellow blogger and talented “Hanna”. She was generous enough to let me use her title and illustration. I hope I have done justice to it. To follow her please check her blog

Random Urdu Poem 47: Memories


इश्क़ मैं डूबी हुई राते कई
आँखों आँखों मैं हुई बाते कई
याद आती है मुझे शामो सहर
मुख़्तसर सी वो मुलाकाते कई

The nights drenched in the love,                                          The conversations we had through our eyes,                        I remember all these and the short time that we spent together,                                                                                            Now each day and each night.


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