Random Urdu Poem 51: Now you see me

embrace the sun


आज पकड़ ही लिया
लपक कर मैंने
सूरज को
अपनी बाहों में

बेहद गरम था वो
मुझसे जियादा नहीं
था लेकिन|


I embraced

the sun (Suraj)

by force.

He was very hot

but was not

hotter than I.


N.B. The above poem has three meanings

  1. सूरज (Suraj) is a name of a boy.
  2. Sun is the symbolical of your beloved one.
  3. Sun is the symbol of the Powers beyond our limits and we dare to overcome it by force.

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Random Urdu Poem 51: Its about love.

City, Moon, Buildings, Cityscape, Night

जी ये चाहता है                                                                                                                                              की कूद जाऊं
तेरी छत से
बांधकर                                                                                                                                                        अपने पाओं मैं
चाँद को

तू आये न आये
सितारे                                                                                                                                                          आ जाय्गेंगे
ढूंढते हुए

I want to jump off your roof after tying the moon to my legs,                                                      I am sure you won’t come looking for me but the stars might.


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Am I Mad or Weird or just Different?

Horror, Halloween, Creepy, Scary, Weird

Sanity has its limits, It is insanity which is boundless.

Sometimes my mind says throw the mug in the air and try to catch it. It just ignores that the mug is full of coffee. American coffee, not that hot. But still!

Sometimes I just look at the rotating blades of the table fan and think how about I put my fingers between them. What will happen?

Sometimes I just walk to sink of the kitchen and wonder how about I wash my phone. The screen is so dirty.

Sometimes I would look at a girl for more than recommended 3 seconds and wonder what if I ask her out. what will happen if says no and worse still what will happen if she says Yes. How would I deal with it. Sometimes I would look at a girl and wonder what is the  purpose of this life, If she is worth it?

Sometimes I would just look at a beautiful girl and wonder what if I punch her in the face. How would she react and at another time I would just look.

Sometimes in the middle of the night I would wake up crying and was told on certain occasions by my friends I laugh eerily while sleeping. I would be happy and sad for no reasons. I would laugh and cry for no apparent cause. I would love to live as many years as humanly possible and sometimes just wonder what if I jump off the bridge I cross each day. (The bridge is just 6 ft in height but you see I am six feet so the observational depth of jumping is 12 ft.)

On the face I would look normal, easy going, soft spoken, straight forward person, on Inside the demons reign my mind. I am an ocean with the buried volcanoes deep inside. I am sometimes God and yet a Monster.

Just tell me If I am losing my sanity or is it normal to feel that way. Just let me know if I am mad or weird or just different?


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Why is it so?


Why is it so when you see a person 10 years younger to you, you think that you have become older and when you see a person 10 years older to you, you think you are going to be like that person in a short period of time.


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Dear Friends,

I would like to apologize for being absent from here for a long time. Due to my extremely busy schedule I could not make my regular posts or missed reading a large part of the great stuff you have been posting in between.

I am partially back now and will try to make up as much as possible.

But still would not be able to do a post/day, So will be sticking to a post/Sunday. 


Be happy and keep doing great work.