So much for nothing


A billion dreams,

I have dreamt,

A million miles

I have walked,

A thousand paths,

I have trodden,

A  Hundred Days,

I have clocked.

I have reached,

Not one destination

Thought I have been going to places for long

I have not arrived



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12 thoughts on “So much for nothing”

    1. So familiar. There is one story I heard. One of the most famous music directors in India was once watching a footpath from the theatre window after his first movie premier ended. One of his friend asked him what he was looking at? He replied when I came here in this city I used to do boot polish at that footpath. It took me 10 years to reach here.

      I wonder if I should measure the distance in km (miles) or hours.😯

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    1. Thank you very much. How long one have to wait untill the good times arrives. According to Einstein the time is a dimension stretched from one infinite to other infinite and I am stuck at one point.🙃


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