Re-post: 2 minutes read:1 I want to fly


“I want to fly” she told me.

She was a free soul. Always looking for an adventure. On that fateful day she came close to me and whispered those words in my ears. Her voice had that fatal attraction. She could talk the whole night and I could listen to her melodious voice till the dawn of the sun.

I always liked how she always corrected me. Be it my fashion sense or my eating habits. I swear to God I did it very cautiously but she still saw me wiping my hands on the curtains after dinner. She had a sharp eye. She had made me a better man all that I couldn’t be without her.

So I decided to make her wish come true. I had seen her medical history though she never told me and I knew that I had to do everything that was in my power to make her wish come true.

So on that day we decided to go uphill. It was not a very big hill but still a decent one for climbing. It was an adventure hub famous for bungee jumping. We started early in the morning around five o clock and within a short span of time we reached the destination. There were no people on the hill. It was cold morning of January. We decided to take a walk together. Slowly we walked hand in hand. After a while we reached end of hill from which we could see the height we had reached. And it was daunting one. She made herself free my grip and stood at the end of the cliff. I could see sparkle in her eyes.

“Do you want to see me flying”? She questioned.

And I said “Yes”.

And suddenly she was flying. I heard her voice again. It was no screaming. It was a shout of joy. A scream of pleasure. I could not believe it was happening. she really was flying . And then she flew away never to be seen again.

I just stared in the blank with the tears in my eyes.

Many a year has passed.

Though people have their doubts, but what about doubting Thomas.

I swear to God, I did not push her. The guide whose services we did not take had his reasons to lie. Also you can’t prove anything so get over with it.

She wanted to fly and she did.’


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