Repost: Halloween poem : The Pumpkin ghost


On how the Jack-O’-Lantern came to be

Jack was a man, who lost his way,

And went in woods, further away,

Sun set so fast, the light was gone

Lazy night came with a gaping yawn.


His lantern threw some drizzling light

In which he saw the fateful sight

Fathomed he not, where lay his home

Wise it was not to spend here night


He cursed his fate, as he was late

The guests were waiting at the gate

Just let me bring some pumpkins ripe

You wait till then, He told his mate


Now he knew not, how to come back

O Lord! Please help for heaven’s sake

Making a cake from pumpkin pulp

Was not going to be a piece of cake


There he saw one vast pumpkin field

Big pumpkins hanging from the trees

This is not what the natures yield

Infuriated he upped his shield


Then happened what, I cannot tell

There was a sound of hounds of hell

One big pumpkin flew from its place

And over Mr Jack it fell


But it was not the only one,

as came others with certain plan

They danced in air, swirling round and round

Driving that gullible man insane


His Lantern slipped, Sparked a fire

Which then caught hold of his attire

He ran wild in the pumpkin field

Which led to consequences dire


The cold night gave way for the heat

Field then burned with the pumpkin sweet,

but only pumpkins were not on fire

Jack too was turning to be the meat


Jack shouted in his strongest voice

Which I believe was not suffice

He fell over and demons laughed

And with his life he paid the price


But that was not the only plan

Once dead, Jack rose from the down

His soul now under demon’s sway

He raised his burning eyes to town


Night fell over with freezing frost

Jack who was loved once, more than most

Went to the woods as lovely host

And came to town as pumpkin ghost.


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