Liebster Award


Hey friends. I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by Our Friend, Fellow blogger and Talented “Thinking Moon”. She also runs a You tube Channel by the same name. I would like to thank her very much for this sweet gesture.

☾I’m a Thinking Moon☽

She writes on various topics but most importantly my favourite genre “Horror, thriller and suspense” and I must say I envy her writing style. Please check her blog and show her the same love that you have shown me.

Its a wonderful award and I’m very grateful for the nomination. Now it would appear that the rules are as follows:


  • Acknowledge the blogger that gave it to you and display the award.
  • Answer 11 questions that the blogger gave you.
  • Give 11 random thoughts about yourself.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers and notify them of their nomination.
  • Ask your nominees 11 questions.


Now without further ado I will answer these questions.

1. What fruit do you dislike?                                                                                                                          Oh! I don’t dislike any fruit. They are all good. Fiber and Antioxidants and vitamins. Though I found some of them interesting.                                                                          One is Pineapple. It is called ananas in every language of the world, why the English call it Pineapple? And you would think it would grow on really long tree, but no Sir. No chance. May be because its fall will be deadlier than coconuts. (Worldwide coconuts kill 10 people each year, they have nuts in their name what were you expecting).                                                                                                                                   Second in line is pomegranate. To eat this fruit you need all the time in the world. My grandmother and I used to eat this fruit together. We used to start eating it after lunch and finish it just before the diner.                                                                                  Third is Avocado, I had to take a lone once to buy 1 kg of it. I believe it may out-cost I phones and diamonds, in that order.

2. What genre of music are you most likely to win a Grammy for?                                                            If I were to win a Grammy, it would be for not singing any song. Or may be “The Silent song”. I remember so many songs, so many and I have so bad a voice. Einstein once said “God does not play dice with people” but God Does.

3. What is your worst ear worm?                                                                                                                        Any sound after 10 PM.

4. Which animal do you most relate to?                                                                                                       I don’t relate to any animal. All my relatives are humans. I like cats though. They are so elegant, so fast, so clean and so free and they don’t give a damn. If only they had wings they would be perfect.                                                                                                     I also like Eagles/Hawks for the sheer pride they exude, the way they look,the way they walk and the way they fight. They are strong, so very strong.

5. What is your favourite scent?                                                                                                                       I am confused between “Newly bought books” or “the earth after the first drops of rain touch it”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          6. If you could change your first name to anything what would it be?                                              I would not like to change my first name. Once I took a name challenge on Facebook and it said “Your name is very very sexy”. And you know everything you see on Facebook is true. So I am going with my current name. I forgive you Mark for stealing my data.                                                                                                                                                                      

7. How many countries have you visited?                                                                                                       I have not even visited one completely. But Given a chance I would love to see the following.                                                                                                                                                 Pakistan and Afghanistan (for Indus-Saraswati Valley sites like Harappa, Mohenjodaro and Sutkagendor), Iran (For Persepolis), Iraq (For Mesopotamia), Egypt (For pyramids), Romania (Bran, Castle of Mr. Dracula), Greece (For Athens and other sites), North and south Americas (For Aztecs, Inca, Mayans and Nazca lines), 7 Celtic nations (For older Celtic sites, especially Ireland for the Hill of Tara), London, England (221 B Baker Street, not the museum site but actual one), Turky (For Apollo temple, Hittite capital of Hattusa), Italy (For ancient Roman sites), Jordan (For Petra temple), Tibet (Potala palace) and China (For Yellow river historic sites) And Russia to meet her, if she still remembers me (we were very young then, 8). There are so many. I can’t even count. I can’t write the names of all here. I will discuss the same when I start a blog on Older civilizations, Alternate history and comparative religion.

8. Converse or Vans?                                                                                                                                       Vans! I would love to sell children for ice cream. O! Sorry. I would love to sell children ice cream in my Van.                                                                                                                     Wait! You were not talking about shoes. Were you? Okay, Then Converse.

9. If you could meet one fictional character who would it be?                                                              Count Vlad Dracula and Sherlock Homes. Two. And Betal (The phantom from the tales of Vikram and Betal, I consider Vikram the real king and not just mythology, The king by whose name starts the Indian modern calendar Vikram Samvat). Three actually.                                                                                                                                   

10. What is something that’s very popular but you just don’t get?                                                         I don’t get Sofa cushions. Why are they there. They certainly are over-rated. Get rid of them as soon as possible. And I phones. Yes I phones.

11. Halloween or Christmas?                                                                                                                           I love both, Halloween because It is the time when our friend ghosts come to visit us and Christmas because it is a holiday.



  1. I have been nominated for Liebster award, Sunshine blogger award, Versatile blogger award and Blogger recognition award, But I have never won any. Also I seriously thought that there was some money involved.
  2.  I don’t believe in God but I want him/her to be true on the other hand I do believe in Ghosts but don’t want them to be true.
  3. When I was 8, I believed that other countries and people did not exist and it was government’s conspiracy to never let us know the truth. All the people we saw were fake and they looked different because they wore different make-ups.
  4. It was my childhood dream to beat Mike Tyson in running. Sorry I mean first in boxing and then running.
  5. I love animals but I do not keep pets. I believe that we should let them live in their environment with their own kind. I don’t eat them either. On the other hand I don’t spare any opportunity to eat the plants, though I love them too.
  6. I have been beaten so many times for reading comic books during my exam times. Once I was reading Silent curfew ( A comic book based on Dracula where he imposes a silent curfew on people and who ever speaks loses his/her life) by keeping it between my text book during school hour given by my sweet friend whose brother owned a Comic book shop and my teacher caught me. Not to mention that my and her parents were called into school and my comic book reading days were over for many months.
  7. All the people think that I listen to them. Except I don’t.
  8. I had blond/Red hair when I was a kid. Now they are black and turning grey.
  9. Once I threw sodium(Na) into water(H2O) during my chemistry practical and it exploded right in front of me. I am not sure till this day whether I cried or shouted. My friends say I jumped like a frog that day but I disagree, frogs do not jump 6 feet in the air. I still like the chemistry between water and Sodium though.
  10. I avoid any situation where I am not in control of my self like driving at a high speeds, drinking alcohol or falling in love.
  11. You will never know when I am telling the truth and when I  am lying.


1. What is 2+2? Take your time. It is a trick question.
2. Are you sure that the earth is not flat?
3. What is your third most important dream? I don’t want to know about the first twos.
4. What is your greatest joy and sorrow till date.
5. How do you think the world will be if all the animals could talk.
6. In the past people were buried with the items they would need in the afterlife, what would you want buried with you so you could use it in the afterlife?
7. Books or Movies?
8. Do you think that aliens exist? And who is that person that you consider is a real Alien.
9. If you could meet one fictional character who would it be?
10. Would you rather be famous but ridiculed or be just a normal person?                            11. Which picture should come in place of sickle with a dot (?)


I believe it would be injustice to nominate just 11 friends out of more than 200. So my questions are open to all. Feel free to answer all or one or any in the comment section or in your blog. Just let me know the link of the post. I would love to read you answers.


Image Courtesy- I copied it from thinking moon’s blog.

16 thoughts on “Liebster Award”

  1. Ok so firstly Le’Boo is so happy that you mentioned sofa cushions, he hates decorative cushions in general. “New book scent” is a beautiful suggestion, and I laughed so hard at your earworm answer! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Say thanks to Le’Boo for resonating my thoughts. And I believe men in general share the same dislike for decorating cushions. As for the “new book scent” if has always been my favorite. Though I have kindle with me, I still have around 2000 books in my house. And as for the earworm, I love silence. I dont even talk after 10 o clock.

      Liked by 1 person

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