2 minutes read: 2 Deja vu or What you wish for

So alone he was for the longest period of time that in the bouts of depression he could not tell whether a day had passed or a century. Tears used to roll out of his eyes without reasons and without consolation he spent his time. There were no dreams in his sleep only nightmares.
He often cursed his fate.
But this had to end. He had to come out of this phase. why should the loneliness be his only companion. Why should happiness evade him so cunningly.
So he decided to do something about it.
From an unknown source he came to know about a fairy who could grant him any wish. So in search of her he traveled the faraway lands, climbed the dangerous mountains, scaled the treacherous ravines, swam the most difficult rivers. Many times he wondered if it was worth it? But he did not lose faith.
Sometimes when you are at your weakest, you faith is the strongest.
And one night when he was sleeping nearby the river in the jungle, a melodious voice melted in his ears.
“Come now”. “if you wish to see me, follow my voice.”
Hypnotized he walked in the direction of that voice, No, No. he did not walk, the voice pulled him towards it. He searched the source of that voice.
“Come on”. The voice still persistent. It was no dream. Finally he reached the source of the voice. A flash of light disturbed the monotony of night. He could figure out a silhouette of a lady with grand wings but could not see her face.
“You wished to see me?” the voice inquired.
“Are you the fairy who could fulfill my wish?”
“It depends on your wish but I am impressed with your efforts, try one.”
“My wish is simple.”
“That’s what they all think. But make yourself clear.”
His past flashed across his eyes. His disappointments, his failed love life. He could not find a single woman to love her.
“I want to have any woman I want.” He clenched his teeth.
The voice fell silent. His heart raced, his breathing grew heavier. Should he receive another disappointment.
A few seconds passed in the confusion and then it happened.
“Your wish shall be fulfilled”. ” Love is what we all need, Love is what makes us complete. Love is what shapes our destiny.”
And with these words the master of that voice presented herself in her full glory. He could not believe his eyes. The master of that beautiful voice had such an ugly appearance. The very appearance, which was the synonym of disgust.
Such a beautiful voice alas ruined by her own appearance. I don’t know if she would be able to grant my wish. He mumbled to himself.
“did you say something?”
“No I was thinking about my wish.” He replied in haste.
“Okay so you will be able to have any girl you want.”
She said with authority and then mumbled something. what it was, he could not tell.
A chant, spell, some magic words.
And with these last words she bid adieu to the lone traveler. He was still standing there trying to process what just had happened.
The dark of the night was clearing up. The sun rose lazily. The birds’ chirping broke the silence and he returned to his home at last with some hope in his eyes which were gleaming with pride and joy.
He sat in his cosy looking lawn chair looking at the beautiful woman he loved so much. The rays of setting sun only added to her beauty. She was busy in her daily chores. And then she looked at him. There was a smile on her lips which could melt the heart of stones. A face that could win the angels. A body reincarnate of the celestial goddess. He could not believe his luck and could not thank the fairy enough.
He rose from his chair and suddenly wanted to embrace her. He walked towards her hastily. Not a moment he wanted to miss. But that was’t to be. And a storm of some kind rose from sky and advanced towards her. She started running . Fearful he shouted and extended his hand to her but of no use.
Two hands appeared from the sky and caught hold of her and pulled her inside the Storm and before he could reach her she disappeared. Now there was no storm. Only total silence engulfed the scene.
Gathering all his strength he shouted on top of his voice.
“you betrayed me. “
Total silence. And then suddenly a figure appeared before him floating in the sky with its wings spreading and intimidating him.
“Why did you do that?” He quivered.
“You asked for it.” Her voice was still and firm.
“No I didn’t.” He complained
Yes you did. didn’t you. You called me ugly .
but” he could speak no further.
“But. But you see I still I fulfilled your wish.” “I just asked you can have any woman and then mumbled except the woman you love.”
He woke up crying from his sleep. One more nightmare. He was back to his miserable self. Not able to sleep anymore he looked at his watch, which clocked at 3. He put on his sports gear and came out of his house. Started his morning run and after one hour came to the ground, where he sat on the bench pondering over what he just had experienced. Suddenly he heard some footsteps, an old woman came dragging her feet on the ground and sat beside him. He looked at her with curiosity. Her face seemed familiar. He wanted to say something but the woman signaled him to stop and brought her mouth closer to his ears and mumbled
“Do you believe in fairies.”
While I started writing this story the vision was different. But towards the end I realized there is more that can be added. Again true to my own inclination I have tried to include the supernatural and make the story anti climactic. And there is still hope in this story.
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