2 minutes read:1 I want to fly

When I started writing this story it had 2 interpretations when I completed it had 6.



“I want to fly” she told me.

She was a free soul. Always looking for an adventure. On that fateful day she came close to me and whispered those words in my ears. Her voice had that fatal attraction. She could talk the whole night and I could listen to her melodious voice till the dawn of the sun.

I always liked how she always corrected me.  Be it my fashion sense or my eating habits. I swear to God I did it very cautiously but she still saw me wiping my hands on the curtains after diner. She had a sharp eye. She had made me a better man all that I couldn’t be without her.

So I decided to make her wish come true. I had seen her medical history though she never told me and I knew that I had to do everything that was in my…

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