What was it?

On that lazy Sunday,

When we sat there, together first time,

On the bench, by the corner.


Between the meadows,

When, we walked hand in hand, So delicately,

Your thin frame swayed.


The way you moved your lips

Closer to mine, then turned them away,

As fast as they came.


The ways our eyes played,

The game of hide and seek, So loudly,

But no words passed between us.


That night, when we stared at the blank,

To find our destiny, that lay stretched,

In the vast infinity of the sky above us.


That night when you embraced me,

Then light went out of my eyes,

And when I woke, your were gone


I remember those moments,

Though I have hazy memories now,

Yet, I swear to God,

That was no dream.


Or was it?

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